Shymkent Oil Refinery

hymkent Oil Refinery started its operations in 1985 with launching LK-6U refining facility with annual capacity of 7.0 mln tons. The refinery was designed for processing the Western Siberian oil. After entering PetroKazakhstan group of companies in early 1990s, the shift to

Kumkol oil has required reconstruction of some facilities that were completed several years later. At present refining level equals to 52% varying from 50 to 58%, depending on type of processing.

The LK-6U facility consists of equipment for atmospheric distillation (annual capacity - 7 mln tons); equipment for catalytic reforming with pre-hydrorefining (1 mln tons); equipment for hydro deparaffination of diesel fuel (1 mln Shymkent Oil Refinery tons); installation for hydrorefining of kerosene (600 th. tons); gas fractionation plant (450 th. tons). Equipment for vacuum distillation of fuel oil (3.8 mln tons) and retarded carbonization installation were set up in 1992.

The owner of refinery- PetroKazakhstan Oil Products OJSC made large investments in the Shymkent Refinery. The main objective of the investments was reconstruction of existing facilities to improve quality of production. Between 1993 and 1998, the company introduced computer-based production management system and modernized reforming and hydro deparaffination units. Currently, retarded carbonization units is being modified into fuel oil light thermocracking facility (1 mln tons). After launching of this equipment the company plans Shymkent Oil Refinery to set up fuel oil vacuum distillation facility. Fuel oil catalytic cracking facility is under construction (2 mln tons). There are several auxiliary departments at the refinery that provide operation of main facilities: storing facility, central laboratory, steam and air supplying department, electric power shop, control equipment shop, etc.

Final products of the company are gasoline of A-80, A-85, AI-92 and AI-96 grades, diesel fuel, aviation and burning kerosene, fuel oil, heating oil and liquefied gas. Total output of products as a result of processing is 93%, including gasoline - 18% and liquefied gas - 1%. Output of diesel fuel and fuel oil Shymkent Oil Refinery is defined by used mode of processing: summer mode - 33 and 41%, winter - 26 and 48%. Currently, the refinery produces several grades of high-quality gasoline and diesel, heating fuel, mazut, jet fuel and liquefied gas.

In 1998 РКОР OJSC spent $18 mln for the reconstruction of ongoing production (purchase and upload of catalysts in reforming reactors, mounting of catalyst on sections of hydropurification of diesel fuel, purchase and mounting internal equipment for reforming, construction of viscosity breaking equipment, mounting of measurement and metering equipment and chemical preparation equipment and others) to improve the assortment and quality of output and plant infrastructure. In January 2004, after commissioning Shymkent Oil Refinery Vacuum Distillation Unit after its reconstruction, the refinery started to process vacuum gas oil. In 2002, the refinery processed 3.49 million tons of crude oil and refining activity for 2003 amounted to 3.94 million tons.

Almost all oil processed at the refinery is supplied by the Company’s upstream PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources operations and is transported to the refinery through the pipeline.

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